Console: Bump sched buckets to 256 (was 0) and the part graphic: pfSense has detected a crash report or programming bug.

  • Nowadays my company handles mas of 11 vlans and 1 wan. In my alone servant there are two interfaces, 1 for the vlans and other one for the wan.
    So, As every vlans I have a group of chiefs, and special personnel that they must have better bandwidth. Then, for vlans estan 2 groups mas the generals. Every group handles a different bandwidth. It does not do it with accuracy.
    Place a very high bandwidth (10 mbps) for group for vlans, in order that they were sailing better but nonetheless it is very slow.
    The console shows me: BUMP SCHED BUCKETS TO 256 (WAS 0).
    And in the web part: Unfortunately we have detected a programming bug.

    Would you like to submit the programming debug logs to the pfSense developers for inspection?

    Please double check the contents to ensure you are comfortable sending this information before clicking Yes.

    Contents of crash reports:
    Crash report begins. Anonymous machine information:

    FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p16 #0: Mon Aug 25 08:25:41 EDT 2014

    Crash report details:

    Filename: /var/crash/bounds

    Filename: /var/crash/info.0
    Dump header from device /dev/ad10s1b
    Architecture: i386
    Architecture Version: 1
    Dump Length: 122880B (0 MB)
    Blocksize: 512
    Dumptime: Tue Jul 31 20:14:28 2018
    Hostname: pfsense.localdomain
    Magic: FreeBSD Text Dump
    Version String: FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p16 #0: Mon Aug 25 08:25:41 EDT 2014
    Panic String:
    Dump Parity: 1802657640...

    And the Internet falls in some vlans and in others not... HELPPP!!!

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    I moved your post - it sure wasn't anything to do with forum feedback. Also - running 2.1.1 of pfsense.. If you want help with anything your going to need to be current.

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