Having problems redirecting ports with NAT

  • Hello, I want to redirect ports 80 and 443 so I can access my selfhosted services away from home, but I am having some trouble.
    I have these rules set up, and when I try to access either my domain name or my public IP from an outside network I get to my pfsense admin panel. If I use an online tool to check my ports it says 80 is closed and 443 is open.
    alt text

    But when I try to add a NAT rule like this, it just wont work, and both 443 and 80 appears as closed.
    alt text

    I think I have everything set up as many different guides I have read tell you to set them up, is there something Im missing or maybe something elsewhere may be messing things up?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Your rules have to pass traffic to not WAN Address.

    Not sure how you ended up there considering you have Add associated filter rule selected and it most certainly would not create a rule like that.

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