Policy routing ignored with many gateways on WAN interface

  • Hi!

    I have some issues with multi-gateway with Pfsense 2.3. I would like to use 2 gateway : few protocols to WAN1 and others to WAN2.

    I tried to force gateway to test my setup (check public ip on a VPS: 212.129.X.Y). But it always uses the default gateway.

    I followed docs, but i only have 2 physical interfaces (WAN+LAN) on my pfsense and I can't use VLANs here to create many interfaces.

    My setup :

    WAN network:
    LAN network:
    2 gateways on WAN network (ADSL + 4G)
    Default gateway is ADSL
    No rule on floating/WAN
    Everything works well with default gateway

    => Few screens: https://imgur.com/a/6Sa1NjC

    I tried many tests. Force "any" to my VPS: traceroute from a LAN address goes to (i want

    Any idea?


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Right. That is not how you do Multi-WAN. You would, instead, create a separate pfSense interface and put a gateway on each.

    P.S. pfSense 2.3 is all but dead.

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