pcap file cleanup killing my WAN

  • So I've been noticing for the past few months my pfsense just stops routing or being able to ping my WAN gateway. It's always right after this happens on the syslog:

    Sep 8 21:00:00 mars php: /usr/local/pkg/snort/snort_check_cron_misc.inc: [Snort] Alert pcap file cleanup job removed 1 pcap file(s) from /var/log/snort/snort_re055285/...

    After that I'm not able to ping out from that interface, it's like it just goes down, however the ethernet link stays up, at least according to the switch, but it doesn't pass any traffic. It takes a reboot to bring traffic back up on the WAN interface.

  • More relevant logging of the event that triggers the F up:


    .229 is the pfsense WAN IP, and .1 is the gateway for it.

  • Banned

    kernel: re0: watchdog timeout

    That's a common problem with Realtek NICs, search the forums. Or better stop using crap and get Intel based NICs.

  • Ugh yeah, I know Realtek is crap. It worked for years up until recently though, it's like the latest BSD pfsense kernel driver just sucks exceptionally worse for Realtek. This card is pushing a crapload of traffic though because I have an NTP node running behind it. LAN side is running LACP on a dual port Intel with no issues.

    I do have a free port on the motherboard though, I may find another cheap Intel card off ebay and be done with it.

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