DNS based WAN routing to specific server in LAN.

  • Hi,

    I have an issue in DNS resolution in the pfsense server, my setup is as below

    WAN(only 80/443)-----> pfsense server ----> app1,app2,app3....web servers in LAN.

    pfsense server has a public DNS with wildcard pointing to it, (*.example.com).

    I have added a DNS forwarder/resolver in pfsense for each webservers in LAN and in Load balancer pool only app1 server is added.

    The issue is all my http/https request for each webserver are going to only first server(app1)! and not going to its respective servers, is this becoz I added only app1 in load balancer pool? can anyone tell me what needs to be added to route each subdomains to its specific servers?

    pfsense Ver 2.3.3

  • Can anyone help here?...

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