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    I'm currently running pfSense 2.3.4 (FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p19 ) on LinITX ALIX 2D3 LX800 (3NIC+USB) pfSense Firewall Kit which is a 32-bit device.

    AFAIK 32-bit support has been dropped starting from version 2.4.

    The latest one offered to me is 2.3.4_1 when I'm on Stable (Default) branch and version 2.3.6.a.20180710.1456 when I switch to Development Snapshots (Experimental 2.3.x).

    It's not entirely clear to me if I can still safely / officially update to 2.3.5-p2 (10.3-RELEASE-p26) and later.

    Please advise.


  • Interestingly switching from Stable (Default) to Development Snapshots (Experimental 2.3.x) and back revealed brand new branches:

    Legacy stable version (Security/Errata only 2.3.x)
    Legacy development snapshots (Experimental 2.3.x DEVEL)

    which offer 2.3.5_2 and 2.3.6.a.20180710.1456 respectively.

    So I've accidentally managed to find the answer :)

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    I would seriously look to move to new hardware.. I don't see them keeping 32bit alive much longer. Statement on the download site states updates for 32bit through Oct of 2018..

    I386 (32-bit)
    If you have a 32-bit capable CPU, use the i386 version. Support for 32-bit was deprecated in pfSense software version 2.4.0 and above, but the 2.3.x line will continue to be updated with security and stability fixes at least through October 2018.

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