Pfsense + snort + barnyard2

  • I have a pfsense firewall with snort and barnyard2 configured. I need to know which log I can get the lock on. I see through the interface the IP's that are being blocked and the rule that they blocked. I need to know in which log I get this lock.

    Can someone help me please?

  • @thsalex
    What do you mean by the term "lock"? There is no "lock" with regards to either package. There are blocks, but those are implemented by placing the offending IP addresses in the pf (packet filter) firewall's snort2c table. This is a table that is created by the core pfSense code during initialization of the firewall. Any IP addresses placed into that table are blocked via a built-in firewall rule that references the snort2c table. The table can be cleared manually, automatically by a cron job, or by rebooting the firewall.

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