Proxy ARP coexist with Alias/CARP?

  • Question regarding VIPs:

    I have a CIDR block of Proxy ARP addresses setup in production. Is it possible to add a single IP Aliases or CARP address that exists within that Proxy ARP block? Or would I need to remove that first? Thanks for your time!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    As long as you are not using it with an HA cluster, you could add an IP alias or CARP VIP inside the proxy ARP range without (many) issues. I would use IP alias only, not CARP VIP. With a CARP VIP there is a potential that equipment on the segment would get different ARP responses for the address. IP alias would be the same as Proxy ARP.

    If it's for HA, then toss out proxy ARP entirely.

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