Remote Syslog - syslogd error

  • Trying to setup remote syslogging and having no luck at all.

    This is on a Netgate SG-3100 running 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1 (arm). Is this a known issue? I'm running a very basic (almost out of the box) config.

    Below are the logs I get when I try to configure a remote syslog server.

    Sep 18 18:31:50 check_reload_status Syncing firewall
    Sep 18 18:31:50 root /etc/rc.d/hostid: WARNING: hostid: unable to figure out a UUID from DMI data, generating a new one
    Sep 18 18:31:52 syslogd exiting on signal 15
    Sep 18 18:31:52 syslogd kernel boot file is /boot/kernel/kernel
    Sep 18 18:31:52 pfsense.cnnet nginx: 2018/09/18 18:31:52 [error] 47503#100118: send() failed (54: Connection reset by peer)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    None of those are errors related to syslog.

    The "syslogd exiting..." message and the kernel one that follows are syslogd restarting. Not errors.

    You'll need to post more info about your syslog settings, server, etc if you need assistance tracking this down.

  • Great info. That alone is helpful. I'm going to grab a packet capture on the syslog server and go from there. Thanks!

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