Load-Balance Server 2 WANS Client 2 WANS

  • Hi guys.

    I have a 2 sites that need to connect with a vpn like openvpn.
    Both sites have 2 WAN's each, because we would like to load-balance ovpn.
    pfsense ovpn server shared-key, what I have read is this, would like to know if this steps are correct?

    Pfsense-SERVER LAN
    -server-a wan1
    -server-b wan2

    Create a load-balance with the new ovpn gw's.

    In my server LAN firewall rules, create a rule to cross all the traffic from my LAN to the other LAN(Client) using my new ovpn-gw load-balance interface.

    Pfsense-cliente LAN
    -client-a wan1 ==> server-a wan1 address
    -client-b wan2> server-b wan2 address

    The same process, create ovpn interfaces, load-balance ovpn gw's, again create in my LAN firewall the rule to pass my traffic from client LAN 2 other LAN over this new load-balance ovpn-gw's.

    Is correct?


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