[SOLVED] NUT - Please upgrade to latest version

  • Hello,

    Based on http://www.freshports.org/sysutils/nut/, there should be a newer NUT server/client out.
    I have problems to connect to my HP R3000 XR UPS with current version 2.0.4.

    Or even better, anyone got this working?

  • I solved it my self.

    Package info says 2.0.4, but package 2.2.2 installed.

    For others with similar problem, I solved by editing /usr/local/pkg/nut.xml and added

    <option><name>HP R3000 XR</name>

    to the end of the option list for UPS devices.

    Find the correct driver here: http://eu1.networkupstools.org/compat/stable.html and add 00 to the drivername (maybe increment it if you have other devices using same driver?)


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