Having trouble accessing 2nd lan

  • I am migrating from a Mikrotik, I had an odd setup with pppoe trunked with a subnet with the modem and wireless bridges on this link all as 10.0.0.*, with the port on the mikrotik being both a , and the pppoe interface,

    However my pppoe would take ages to come up, so I have vlan'ed it using a tough switch at each end, and have pppoe untagging on 1 port and left the lan on the other.

    I thought I could give my pfsense vm a wan port physically connected to the ppoe port, THis works And the 2nd lan connected to a third Opt1 port with an address of the gw address for the devices.

    I, however, cannot access the devices. I have checked the mac address is correct for the vm port. I have created a pass all rule for opt1 to any. still no dice.

    My Opt graph show out going traffic but no incoming, I have looked under the firewall logs and there is nothing being flagged

    Having done some more reading, Is a bridge combining lan and opt1 the solution

    Edit: having watched a few tutorials, it appears a second interface as i have is preferable to bridging. Have rechecked firewall rules, unsure what I am missing. In my Mikrotik I had the pppoe untagged going into port 10, and had port 2 with the lan feeding into port 2 set with a address and i could access all the devices.

    Any suggestions appreciated

    https://imgur.com/a/XgH7vBr is a lan address for the modem when I had it unvlaned, now it is in its own tunnel to the wan port on pfsense (do I need to give it a different address as it now conflicts with lan on opt1) wan is served though pppoe

    Camera (missing from new diagram) has one ip with gw of

    Hopefully new diagram helps

    Basicly I want opt1 to be an assessable lan to access my toughswitch interfaces and af5x interfaces and the ptz cam all of which have 10.0.0.*/24 address's with gw's of I had it working with modem 1 out of vlan and opt1 call wan with a static ip of but the pppoe wouldnt come up,(when i put modem in its own vlan, pppoe comes straight up) but I lose assess to the other devices.

    Cheers Jeremy

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