Suggestions on where/how to use PFSense in my setup - growing network

  • Hey Folks

    I have been doing some basic testing in my lab with PFSense and really enjoy it. Incredibly powerful and fun.
    What I am hoping to ask for here is suggestions on how and where I can use PFSense based upon my setup and my future products.
    Here is my current setup:

    -UBNT 24 Port switch
    -(2) UBNT Acess Points PRO

    I also have (2) ESXi servers with about 9 total NIC's that are attached to vcenter server. My goal is to set up different networks for different VM's (production, development, work) with the idea of using VLAN's.
    Additionally, I would like to put my wireless AP's on a VLAN as well, keeping that traffic separate.

    I have done a ton of reading and since my switch is only layer 2, i need to do inter VLAN with something like PFSENSE or my current router as a 'router on a stick' (correct me if I am wrong.)

    Lastly, I want to be able to VPN in back to my network when I travel (which is a lot for work).

    My initial thought was to put a pfsense VM in my esxi cluster to route traffic/tag traffic between the VM networks.
    I also thought about adding a hardware device to my router for the VPN.

    Any suggestions/ideas on what/where on this? Will this work? Not work?
    I appreciate the help



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