SG-1000 supported USB wifi adapter.

  • I've searched and found posts of various support cards. However, I'm now on my 2nd purchase of a USB wifi, both do not work. The 1st device was based on FreeBSD's support hardware, the 2nd usb purchase from reading this forum that said it was working on pfSense. However, now I find new searches of course that did not show initially since my search has changed to "not working...". Sigh... So 2 wifi adapters no-go. What works out of the box? I don't want to have to do any kernel recompiling that would force me to re-do a procedure with every kernel update. The first adapter was AC. Now I have an N and it shows when I connect it, but doesn't show as an available adapter. It would be helpful if netgate supplied a list of available and compatible usb wifi adapters for this product. I'd prefer not to keep buying wifi cards and throwing $$$ away based on a crap-shoot. Thanks.

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    As has been said countless of times, forget wifi adapters and use an external AP for wireless.

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    I can't vouch for its range/reliability for you, but I have used this specific wireless adapter with an SG-1000 using an OTG adapter cable:

    It's best to use an AP though if you can. If this is meant to be a client it should be fine in that role.

  • @grimson The problem is the SG-1000 only has one LAN (inuse) and WAN port. However, I believe this is close to an answer. I had a USB to Ethernet adapter laying around. Plugged it in and it's an E1000 chipset and worked the first time. So now I have a 2nd lan port that I will put an external AP on and forget about trying to save space or simplicity for the customer. The wifi on our pfSenses (about 10+) have always been flaky and I've migrated a couple of locations to an external AP and no more issues.

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