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    I am configuring a Netgate XG-7100 1u as a backup firewall for a client. I have the default LAN interface set to their specifications and i wanted to create a second "LAN" interface to use on my network while configuring. I created a Vlan and assigned it to the lagg0 network port, i gave the interface an IP address with in my network and named it management. I have added a port to the vlan under switches. The issue is i am unable to communicate with this interface from my network. If i change the "LAN" interface to an address with in my network it works with no issue. Can someone shed some light on something i maybe missing or doing wrong? Thanks!

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    Checkout the pfSense hangout from July about Configuring Netgate Appliance Integrated Switches:
    This explains the discrete Port Configuration very good.


  • Thank you, this helped tremendously!

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