Accedently upgraded pfblocker before upgrading to 2.4.4

  • Hi,

    I accidentally upgraded the pfblocker package and now I'm getting lots of php errors. I noticed that pfblocker installed php 7.2.

    I can't upgrade pfsense to 2.4.4 cause I'm getting: "The system is on a later version than official release."

    Anything I can do to force upgrade ?

  • Managed to solve it.

    Did this in the console:
    pkg-static upgrade pfSense-upgrade



    After reboot everything seems ok.

  • Just wanted to say thanks for this. I did a couple pending updates and it totally screwed up PHP. This worked perfectly and saved me using datacenter resources to re-image (Netgate support's only solution). I am seriously rethinking my decision to use these for any more of my customers, as going through the forums it seems everyone is very accustom to re-imaging their firewalls. This should not be a normal occurrence! Anyway, I digress... Thanks again!

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