Giving public ip addresses to servers behind pfsense

  • Hi pfsense team, i have public address as from isp, gw and is pfsense wan interface, i have also lan interface, now i want give other ips ( addresses to my servers which are behind pfsense how can i do this without using any NAT???

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    Call your ISP and have them give you a /29 on the interface and route the /25 to your address on that. Then you can just put all or part of the /25 on that inside interface.

  • and i think i should give one of this ip addresses to my server_interface and this ip should also be gateway of servers?

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    Yes. Just like you would with an rfc1918 network.

    If they routed to you:

    Interface: /25
    Usable: -
    They'd set as the gateway.
    Or you could configure DHCP to hand out the addresses if you wanted.
    You could also just use a /26, /27, /28, /29, /30, /31 on the inside interface and use the rest of the space for other purposes.

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