2 mobile clients tunnels supported?

  • Hello Together

    I not sure if this is really supported by pfsense.

    The idea is to have 2 separate Mobile VPN Connections to 2 Subnets in my Network behind pfsense.

    0_1537898411974_Pfsense ipsec Mobile.png

    It's only possible to configure when i copy the Link "" into the url header again.

    My goal is to reach both subnets separate and have Internet Access too.
    To have internet access i need to set the "local subnet" to "" and this would mean that both subnets are reachable. That's what i know.

    Are my thoughts correct?

    Hope for someone who can help me.

    Many Thanks


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That is not supported.

  • That's a clear answer.
    Thanks Jim! :)

    Then i have to wait until my provider supports ipv6 native.
    It should possible with 2 pfsense then.

    Many Thanks

    Have a nice evening.


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