Update from 2.3.5 to 2.4.x on new hardware -- restore settings?

  • Running 2.3.5 p2 on the old Netgate Hamakua (32 bit intel).

    Need to replace h/w to be able to use 2.4.x & future.

    Assuming one of the Netgate ARM boxes (sg-1000 or sg-3100) which ship with current pfsense version, can I restore the current 2.3.5 settings backup to the new system? (realize I'd need to redo interface assignments).

    If so, at what point do I set interfaces...before or after restore? If it matters, I'm using 3 tagged vlans for WAN, LAN, and WLAN on one interface on the pfsense box. Will separate WAN to its own i/f on new one and keep 2 vlans on one i/f for local.

    Same question regarding sg-5100.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can restore the configuration to that hardware, though you need to be careful of your interface assignments depending on how many you use and how.

    The Hamakua had 6 separate interfaces so your closest match will be the SG-5100, which would be a straightforward replacement.

    The SG-1000 only has two interfaces, but if you only have WAN/LAN that might be OK, though it would be a much smaller/slower unit.

    The SG-3100 has two discrete interfaces plus a 4-port switch. It can be made to act like 6 individual ports, but that is not how it comes configured by default. You'd have a bit more work to make that viable. If you only use 2-3 interfaces (WAN, LAN, one OPT port) then it would work fine as-is.

    You reassign the interfaces when restoring the configuration. The GUI will take you to a screen to remap the interfaces as soon as the configuration uploads. You could also edit the new interface names into the config.xml backup file before restoring.

  • @jimp Thanks, Jim. How do the 3100 and 5100 rank with the Hamakua in terms of capability (speed, throughput, processor power)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We don't have any direct comparisons but given the age of the Hamakua hardware and its architecture, the 3100 would definitely be faster and the 5100 would fly circles around it.

  • @jimp Thanks! Will probably go with the 5100.

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