internet issue some client.

  • Hi can anybody tell me what i am doing wrong. basically i have a pfsensebox with dual wan(loadbalancer and failover). everything's working great (the internet access, rules etc.) until i connect 2 laptop to the pfsensebox. what i am having trouble right now is even though the unit is connected to the pfsensebox via wireless network and the pfsensebox is sending the correct configuration to the client somehow the unit cannot access the internet. I am always getting the "limited access". and i cannot even ping the pfsensebox.

    For the purpose of troubleshooting i tried releasing and renewing my ip address and also tried connecting the client unit using LAN CABLE to see if the problem is the same but somehow using LAN i wa able to access the internet.

    My current setup – pfsensebox
    iprange : –
    mask :
    gateway :
    dhcp server :
    dns server:

    And what my client is getting is this

    Which is correct. but still dont have any internet access.

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