2.4.4 errors after reboot

  • I upgraded to 2.4.4 worked good until I rebooted now the only way I can get in is thru the Serial port and it will not respond to any commands wont let me reinstall and when I hit the reset button it doesn't change anything. Any button I hit I get about a 100 warnings and a fatal error I attached a screen shot 0_1537982470307_pfsense.JPG I'm up for any suggestions

  • Do you have a up-to-date Backup XML File?
    Just clean reinstall with 2.4.4 and Recover your Backup File...this is probably the fastest way to get things back on track.


  • It will not let me reinstall when I plug in the thumb drive it doesn't see it even when I reboot with the thumb drive plugged in I attached a picture of the file is this the right file for a netgate 3100 0_1537983790134_pfsense file.JPG

  • No, you need this File: pfSense-netgate-SG-3100-recover-2.4.4-RELEASE-armv6.img.gz


  • Thanks Rico I Found it while waiting for a reply uncompressed it and I will see what happens

  • My reply was only 2 Minutes tho. ;-)