PHP Error after 2.4.4 upgrade

  • I am getting this error on my 3100 after the upgrade this morning. Any idea on how to correct it?

    PHP Errors:
    [26-Sep-2018 06:36:24 America/Chicago] PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/local/lib/php/20170718/' - /usr/local/lib/php/20170718/ Undefined symbol "zend_empty_string" in Unknown on line 0
    [26-Sep-2018 06:36:24 America/Chicago] PHP Warning: PHP Startup: bcmath: Unable to initialize module
    Module compiled with module API=20170718
    PHP compiled with module API=20131226
    These options need to match
    in Unknown on line 0

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Where are you seeing this error? If it is in a crash report on the dashboard, clear the report and then restart again. If the error doesn't come back, it was likely a harmless side effect of the upgrade. If it does come back, then some part of the upgrade did not finish completely.

    Fixing it may be as simple as running pfSense-upgrade again from an ssh or console shell. If not, see for some suggestions.

  • It is in the crash report on the dashboard, and I have cleared it and restarted a few times. It will be a few weeks before I can get into that office to try the upgrade from console. Is there a way to force it from the gui?

  • Netgate Administrator

    So the crash report returned after clearing it?

    You can run the command from the console via SSH. However if you're remote from that device you might want to have a recovery plan in place before doing so.


  • Restarted again this morning and so far the php error is gone. I'll do the reinstall the next time I'm on-site and bring with the install package on usb just in case. Out of the 9 devices I updated yesterday only one (one of the newer ones, a 3100, had an issue). Even one of the older 2440's had no problems, so great job guys.

  • @prometheus23 I have the very same or similar error, you can look at my post verbose regarding the issue. It looks like an API key mismatch maybe a credential key with PFsense NTP daemon did not get updated or possible maybe need to stop and reinstall the NTP daemon not sure API key mismatch is due to changes in the NTP daemon or other areas in the new 2.4.4 build it defnetly needs to be posted to the bug portal but it might already have been.

    My Netgate 3100 FW and Snort are working fine, on 2.4.4 (balanced) IPS setting for now.

    RECOMENDATIONS (I am not a Netgate engineer or pfsense eng) but this is working for me until the fix the API key.

    I believe this to be a minor error but definitely needs to be fixed.

    (2) possible workarounds:

    (1) reinstalling NTP daemon and then maybe key might match-up again.


    (2) goto the General settings and delete

    add new pool:

    Don't forget to go to error page and click delete the bug report.
    The error should NOT return as now your NTP daemon is point to a different NTP pool.

    I have logged out of pfsense and logged back in and no more error, several times to check that this works. (it does)

    so far these changes are working just fine. I hope this helps! If it works for you send me a "like" or whatever kudos we get on this blog.


  • @rgc Thanks, that did do the trick.

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