pfBlocker setup question?

  • Just installed pfBlockerNG and had some basic questions, my set up is as follows:

    *2 VLANs (1&2)
    *My rules force all traffic is forced thru PIA Interface(setup with OpenVPN) including DNS and ports 80/443
    *My rules are using "PIA Intreface" as the gateway
    *I am using Quad9 in addition to pfBlockerNG

    My questions:

    1. Firewall -> pfBlockerNG -> IP tab:

    Inbound Firewall Rules - are on "WAN" and "PIA Interface" I need to select "OpenVPN" ?

    Outbound Firewall Rules - My 2 VLAN that I want blocked are selected here. Is this correct?

    1. Firewall -> pfBlockerNG -> DNSBL tab:

    Webserver Interface = VLAN 1(Default LAN)

    DNSBL Configuration->Permit Firewall Rulles = VLAN1. I am trying to protect my LAN and certainly do not want my VLANs to talk to each other. Is this OK to use VLAN 1 or is there another best practice? My LAN has no internet access.

    Thank you again for any help or guidance...

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