Error afrer upgrading to 2.4.4

  • I upgraded an hour or so ago and the system now will not route after the reboot. I rebooted again and did a complete power cycle. The system is up, all services except ntopng & dnsbl are running. Strange, but on the main page it seems to obtaining update status and comes back with: the system is on the latest version. I can ping my WAN interface IP as well as the WAN gateway from my service provider, but nothing else. I got a huge php_errors.log frmo a link after the system rebooted after the update. My rules look like they always did. Except for not being able to connect or ping anything the system looks fine. I have upgraded each version major and minor over the past several years so I only needed a small update to get to 2.4.4. Any ideas? Will the log file help?

  • I can't help but after upgrade I had no internet and it seems like HD was loading something after successful update reboot for a long time and after about 5+ minutes I was able to connect to pfSense and got internet at the same time.
    Also, huge php error log

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