The DNS Resolver is disabled or stopped.

  • After upgrade to pfSense 2.4.4-RELEASE (amd64), browser pages not loading - seems like bad DNS. If I manually add a DNS server to network settings instead of allowing the DHCP setting of, it works. Also, in Status —> DNS Resolver, message in the banner says “The DNS Resolver is disabled or stopped.” The service will not start when I click the start button. If I go to Services/DNS Resolver/General Settings, enabled is checked. When I click Save I get “The following input errors were detected:
    • The generated config file cannot be parsed by unbound. Please correct the following errors:
    • /var/unbound/test/unbound.conf:102: error: syntax error
    • read /var/unbound/test/unbound.conf failed: 1 errors in configuration file

    I had earlier followed “Configuring QUAD9 on pfSense”" and it was working PERFECTLY. The above just started.

    Thank you.

  • Remove anything you have in the custom options and then paste it in a notepad doc for safe keeping. Save and see if you can get unbound to restart. Start adding back the custom options and saving in between. I've seen a few times where something "extra" is added even though the text looks the same.

  • Thank you for replying and so fast. Removing the "custom options" worked immediately and I was able to save the config without an error message restart the service - immediately solved my inability to "surf" which was my first hint I had a DNS issue.

    Secondary problem is it fails to save (I get an error message upon trying to save) immediately upon entering my first line into custom options: log-replies: yes

    Tried it again by adding back JUST my 2nd line: forward-zone:

    Similar error message. Can I NOT have custom options configured? Thanks.

  • For many of the custom options, you need to specify the "server:" directive first. You only need to specify the directive one time. The in's and out's of its usage are discussed briefly in same guide -- . Hope that helps!

  • WORKED PERFECTLY! Went back and looked and I don't know how that line "server:" was disappeared from my options field but it was and I put it back and all working perfectly! I can't thank you enough.

  • Excellent! Happy to help!

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