Gigabit - FQ_Codel - BufferBloat +600-1200

  • I need help figuring out what setting I need. My download has 0 Bufferbloat, but the Upload has +600-1200 I currently have my queue sitting at 4000, do i need more?

  • @majorpaynedof - can you please give us more details on how you have fq_codel setup and what parameters you are using (both for fq_codel and for the limiters)?

  • @tman222 I can do that. The first 2 images are the Limiters

    ![alt text](0_1538244929832_26f3fd9e-fbe7-44f3-89bf-28a8c0c1aca5-image.png image url)
    ![alt text](0_1538244956698_b1694c43-c860-4ef4-88ed-c8622dbbc401-image.png image url)

    ![alt text](0_1538245005754_a11c0ce8-ee9c-457b-9333-13cdfe324076-image.png image url)
    ![alt text](0_1538245031392_90fac412-02c7-4d7e-beb0-6be03b3738f4-image.png image url)
    ![alt text](0_1538245057269_cbbc97af-913f-47cf-981f-367cde71704c-image.png image url)

  • Hi @majorpaynedof - looking at your configuration, you have your limiter value set to high. Due to overhead, you can realistically only expect 940 to 950Mbit from a gigabit connection with standard size ethernet frames. I would reduce the limiter value to 950Mbit and then rerun the test. If bufferbloat is still occurring, keep reducing the limit by 10Mbit each time until you are happy with the results.

    Also you ran reduce the queue size (on the limiter any sub queues) to something like 1024 or 2048, that should be sufficient.

    Hope this helps.

  • @tman222 Thanks for the information. I did 1024 and 975 and I'm getting A+ across the board with 2-3 bufferbloat.

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