Upgrade to 2.4.4 fails during package reinstallation

  • I've attempted to upgrade to 2.4.4 from 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1 several times this week, each time restoring a snapshot of the VM after the upgrade process hangs during package installation. In previous attempts the process would hang at: Menu items... done. in what appeared to be the squidguard package.

    Upgrade attempt number three I kicked off and then left alone; I thought perhaps I was just being impatient and disk i/o or cpu contention was resulting in a slow upgrade process...when I returned 10 hours later to verify the upgrade had completed it was again stuck at Menu items... done.

    Today I attempted to upgrade again, but I first removed squidguard; this attempt I declared failed after 20 minutes of Writing configuration... done. in what appeared to be the squid package. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.

    My next planned step (likely Sunday) will be to backup the configuration and install a fresh copy of 2.4.4. and then restore the configuration; this is clearly not an ideal solution and will result in hours of toil and verification but I don't see another path forward at this point. I'm happy to provide whatever logs or dumps would be appropriate to help diagnose this issue.


  • Ended up removing all packages, upgrading, and then restoring the configuration. Things appear to be working however this is a pretty terrible experience considering I had to remove security features (snort, squidguard, pfBlockerng) to perform the upgrade while also requiring that it be connected to the internet. Attackers do not respect maintenance windows. I would be happy to provide any logs or information that could improve this process.

  • @gerby123
    I think you need to remove at least the packages which go deep into pfSense. I made the same experience this morning, needed to remove pfBlockerNG and Snort before the update.

    However, I'm fine to run 10 minutes without these packages. If you think it's that critical, unplug your infrastructure from LAN and just connect your notebook. We do not see major upgrades like this every month 😬

  • I've been using PFSense for 4 years now; this is the first major upgrade where I've had to remove packages. I'm overall very happy with the product, just want to help improve others' upgrade experience.

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