Traffic Totals not correct

  • Hi all,

    pfSense - 2.4.4

    If I go into Traffic Totals (Static | Traffic Totals) the totals are the same no matter what start date I use. Yes, I am updating the graph between date changes.

    However, RRD Summary data does change with a change in start date.

    Any ideas appreciated.



    Edit: Just reinstalled Traffic Totals and problem remains.

  • Some more information:

    Here's what's in /usr/local/etc/vnstat.conf

    # vnStat 1.13 config file
    # location of the database directory
    DatabaseDir "/var/db/vnstat"
    # on which day should months change
    MonthRotate 11
    # vnstati
    # image colors
    CBackground     "FFFFFF"
    CEdge           "AEAEAE"
    CHeader         "606060"
    CHeaderTitle    "FFFFFF"
    CHeaderDate     "FFFFFF"
    CText           "000000"
    CLine           "B0B0B0"
    CLineL          "-"
    CRx             "92CF00"
    CTx             "606060"
    CRxD            "-"
    CTxD            "-"

    Looks very empty to me. Also it has not been updated for sometime now, even though I have changed the start date severals times today.

    -rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel  462 Aug 22 13:09 /usr/local/etc/vnstat.conf

  • No ideas anyone?



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