Accessing the gateway admin website for secondary WAN

  • I have a dual WAN setup on my pfSense box where WAN-1 is set to Tier1 and WAN-2 is Tier3. The trigger is set to "packet loss or latency." The WAN-1 network is 192.168.1.X and WAN-2 is 192.168.5.X

    At times, I need to access the web-based admin console for WAN-2 but typing in into the browser results in a non-response (no data received) because WAN-1 is the active (due to it being healthy) and therefore is not accessible. How do I fix this?

  • @ibbetsion

    You need to enter a static route, so that (or .X) always exits Tier3 WAN-2. This is done in System > Routing > Static Routes.

  • @Sko
    I thought so as well but I get an error (see attached image) when I try and add that static route.
    I've tried destination address as and, same error for both and also the same error if I pick WAN1 or WAN2 as the gatway.


  • Ok, what is ORANGE_WAN2?

  • WAN1 is called "WANGW". It is set to Tier 1 in gateway groups config. It has the IP scheme 191.168.1.X
    WAN2 is called "ORANGE_WAN2". It is set to Tier 3 in gateway groups config. It has the IP scheme 192.168.5.X

    Sometimes, I need to access but because WANGW (WAN1) is healthy (as per the gateway group settings), there's no route to the 192.168.5.X network as everything is routing to the 192.168.1.X network.

  • Is the default gateway in System > Routing > Gateways set to the gateway group?

  • Yes, it is.

    But I've figured it out :)

    What was happening is that when I made the failover gateway group, I also added a firewall rule to route all LAN traffic through this gateway group. Since WAN-1 is healthy, all traffic (as per this rule) is routed to WAN-1. But inserting a new rule whereby I allow traffic to the single host that I want to connect to and only on the protocol that I want to use (http) solved the issue!

    Thanks for the rapid fire back and forth, much appreciated!

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