pfsense is not detecting my wireless card

  • hello, i am having trouble seeing my wireless card in pfsense, i’m pretty sure it’s supported (I have the Intel® Dual Band Wireless AC 3160) , it will not show up anywhere, everywhere i have been in the OS shows no sign of it. i’m on the latest version, please help me as i do not really know what i’m doing but learning as i go on.

  • Check the freebsd pages to see if it’s supported by the underlying OS, I highly doubt it’s supported as freebsd doesn’t support 802.11ac.

    IMO you’d be better off buying an access point.

  • Netgate Administrator

    That card should be supported to some extent by the iwm(4) driver. But it won't work in AC mode and it won't work in hostap mode so you cannot use it as an access point.


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