Passing DNS queries through pfSense WAN

  • pfSense is pretty amazing ! I have known about it for some timie but this week finally got around to setting it up as a VM in my home lab which has now really tied things together in the way I need it to be.
    I run a single vSphere server and have set up vlan tagging so that with the help of pfSense DHCP addresses are given out to the different machines I have in the 7 Vlans I have so far defined.
    Within the lab domain ( the forward and reverse lookups work fine.
    All the vlans are on a 10.0.X.X/16 network.
    I have a number of physical workstations on my network which are running on network.
    I have set up a Static route on my route to send all traffic to the WAN interface of pfSense so that I am able to RDP in to any of the lab VMs.
    Finally I would like to be able to RDP on to a lab VM using the VM's FQDN - this is where I am getting a bit stumped.
    Could any one advise on what I need to do here?
    My WAN side firewall rules are looking like this:
    link text

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