PRIO + Codel limiters on 2.4.4

  • I was recently trying to use limiters to create a pipe using where I can use weighted queues. I can do this by choosing the Quick Fair Queueing scheduler but selecting PRIO leads to kernel panics. Can anyone else confirm this behaviour? I have setup the rules on the LAN side for several VLANs, some even going through different gateways. Changing a single rule leads to kernel panics.

  • I cannot reproduce this on a fresh 2.4.4 install on a virtualbox so something else is triggering this behavior on my current setup.

  • I have had a similar thing happen to me. I had an existing setup with limiters already applied to rules and trying to change from either QFQ or FQ_CODEL scheduler to PRIO caused a kernel panic. I was only able to isolate it to something in traffic coming in off the LAN as disconnecting the LAN stopped the system from panicing on reboot an allowed me to restore the config.

    No idea what the traffic might have been causing the issue. Suffice to say I will be keeping clear of the PRIO scheduler.

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