setting ULA on LAN

  • I'm running pfSense with HE tunnel, so IPv6 address on LAN is statically configured according to the information received from HE. DHCPv6 is not used on LAN, everything works fine using RA, Router mode = unmanaged.
    Now I'm adding ULA subnet in Services - DHCPv6 Server & RA - LAN - Router Advertisements.
    I see that my Linux host already have 2x FD:bla-bla-bla ULA addresses and I can ping ULA of another host in LAN.
    Now the question - how can I configure ULA on pfSense LAN interface itself?

  • Go to Firewall / Virtual IPs and click on + Add to get to the screen to enter info. To keep things simple, use the ULA prefix for the first half of the address and add the last half of your GUA. Select /64.

  • Thanks for the hint. I've added an 'IP Alias' there but cannot ping that address from another host in LAN.
    However I do see the new address added to LAN with 'ifconfig -a'. Do I need anything else?

  • Ping works for me. What operating system are you pinging from? You may have to specify the interface. I use ping -I eth0 <address> on Linux. You can also try ping6 <address> at the pfSense command prompt.

  • I'm on latest Ubuntu. Can ping6 another host in LAN using it's FD... address but not the pfSense LAN. Weird...
    Found! It seems I need to add separate a firewall rule to allow ULA subnet access the firewall.

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