Install problem 1.2.2

  • I've been using pfSense for years now and I have never had any issues.  I'm moving my gateway to a different machine and i'm doing a fresh install.  The LiveCD boots fine and operates just fine as normal, even when I load up my config from my current gateway .. it all works.

    When I install pfSense from the LiveCD to the HDD (option 99), it gets through everything properly .. sees the disk, formats the disk and then at creating subpartitons, it gets to 90% and errors:

    Execution of the command
    /sbin/newfs /dev/ad0s1a
    FAILED with a return code of 36

    and it just keeps giving that error, some return with code 1

    any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Looks like a bad hard drive, try a known good one and see what happens.

  • its a virtual hd .. this install is a virtual machine running on xenserver .. i know the physical hd's are good in the server .. is there anything diff that needs to be done to install on a virtual drive .. freebsd sees it as a standard sata drive

  • What does your Xen config look like?

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