Virtual Ip on Pfsense not working on Hetzner dedicated server

  • Hi,
    I have a little trouble with virtual IP, I explain myself:
    I have a dedicated server at Hetzner hosting, they provide me a primary IP 95...18 / 26 So I install an ESXI with this IP address

    After this I ask 1 additional IP for my pfsense, they provide me another ip 95...11 / 26, I check the separate MAC (because if I don't it's based on the MAC address of the primary IP), I configure it into my pfsense on the WAN vswitch and the LAN vswitch have as IP, all is working fine.

    I add another VM who was in my LAN vswitch who have as IP, if I let by default in DHCP, this VM can go on internet and I can make NAT to access to this VM if needed.

    This VM must have his own IP address, so I ask another additional IP, they provide to me the IP 95....10 / 26, by default MAC address is the "same" as the primary IP, so I ask a separate MAC, I add this IP on my pfsense as virtual IP, I make a 1:1 NAT to my VM, I make an Outbount NAT to specify the same, so VM with IP use as output the IP 95...10.

    I made multiple times this configuration on different ISP (Serverius, Online an other) but this time it doesn't work.
    I search to add the MAC provide with this IP into Pfsense but it seems not possible ?? (or I don't find how to make it)
    I try to add another interface to my ESXI, add it as WAN2 in Pfsense, but when I try to add the IP 95...10 / 26 as IP for WAN2, pfsnese tell me it overlap another IP (it's normal, WAN have the IP 95...11 / 26).

    I need help to make it works, is someone have an idea ?


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