SG-3100: Cannot boot from mSATA

  • Hi,
    I just got my sg-3100 back. I installed an mSATA device in Key B slot (long side). However, when booting, the device always boots from the internal storage (mmc0).

    I've been able to abort boot via the serial console, run command "scsi init", and then "boot". This seems to be a temporary workaround to get it to boot off the mSATA. However, I need this device to cold boot into the mSATA device without intervention. This feature used to work on earlier firmware revisions.

    What do i need to set on the mmcsd0 or firmware to ensure it boots from ada0 instead?

  • Like an idiot, i tried "run recovery", and now my entire pfSense device is full of PHP errors. Looks like it downloaded 2.4.4 package data but its running 2.4.3_1. Everything in broken in the GUI.

    What a nightmare this version 2.4.4 is.

  • Netgate Administrator

    When you ran 'run recovery' did it boot fro USB? What was on the USB drive?

    Without a USB drive there it should not have run anything.

    But re-installing from USB to the m.2 SATA using run recovery should also switch the uboot envs to have it boot m.2 by default.

    It is possible to set the envs manually though if you have already installed.

    Installing 2.4.4 and restoring your config should be quick and will get you back up in a clean state.

    On the SG-3100 it's even possible to put the config onto the fat32 partition in the install image and have it use that at first boot.


  • Yes, i did the run recovery with a USB stick that had the 2.4.3_1 firmware written to it. I would really like to stay on 2.4.3_1, but it appears that upon restoring the XML config file, it downloads package data for 2.4.4 and messes itself up because of PHP version mis-matching. What a cluster!

    How do I set the boot env manually (and have it be persistent)?

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