Is IGMP Proxy working in 2.4.4?

  • I have a very simple home network. I have segmented my IOT type devices on VLAN 30 (192.168.30.x). My main network (LAN) is at 192.168.1.x (no VLAN). I have a NAS at For firewall rules, I basically have the LAN able to access everything with standard any rules. For VLAN 30, the first firewall rule is to allow access to LAN IP, then I block access to LAN, then I have the standard any rule. This is working fine and devices on VLAN 30 can reach my NAS at the one specific IP address. All other LAN access is blocked. Only issue is when I want to do DLNA access to the NAS from a device like a Roku. This is not working because the NAS and the Roku are on different subnets.

    I have tried configuring the IGMP Proxy with the one IP address of the NAS on the LAN subnet as the upstream. The entire VLAN 30 as the downstream. Then I add the pass special traffic to the first firewall rule in VLAN 30 as per the IGMP Proxy instructions but this is not working. Any ideas?