After Updating 2.4.4 The video freezes at boot

  • Good Morning!

    After updating PFSENSE to version "2.4.4-RELEASE-FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p3"

    The video freezes at boot, but the system loads normally!

    Access via browser normally, only on the computer where PFSENSE is installed, the boot image does not advance ...

    PHOTO: alt text

    Please help me!

    Thank you!!

  • PS: I installed the previous version, and it worked normally, when updating, the error returned ...

  • Banned

    So you didn't read the update announcement, the update guide and you didn't search the forums for that issue. Your problem is covered in all of them, so get your glasses on and start reading.

  • Solution!

    Diagnostics / File Edit

    Edit /boot/loader.conf.local

    Insert the lines below:

    i915kms_load = "YES"
    drm.i915.enable_unsupported = 1

    Save and restart!

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