DNS over TLS resolution with Multi WAN

  • Hi,

    have a VDSL 100/40 line and a LTE as backup.
    In System General Setup, VDLS has as DNS Server, the LTE has
    DNS Override and Disable DNS Forwarder is not enabled.
    In DNS Service DNS Query Forwarding is enabled and Use SSL/TLS also.
    There is a Gateway Group. VDSL is Tier 1, LTE Tier 2. Tier 2 starts working on "Member Down".
    LTE seems to be unstable from time to time.
    What then happens is, that there is NO DNS Resolution is possible, because DNS Server from LTE is not reachable.
    When I turn of SSL/TLS DNS Resolution it works fine.

    Is there a known issue for SSL/TLS over DNS Resolution in combination with MultiWAN?

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