SquidGuard 'Common ACL' menu 'Target Rules List' - 'access' option always shows default value '---' to Target category

  • Hi

    pfSense System Details
    0_1538559656804_PfSense System Info.png

    In my SquidGuard - Comman ACL - Target Rules - Target Rules List if I change any thing to Whitelist, Deny, Allow - It will not taking anything.

    please find the below picture for your reference.

    SquidGuard Target List
    0_1538559356688_Squidguard Target Category.png

    **SquidGuard While Saving - It shows in in Target Rules
    0_1538559378114_SquidGuard Save.png

    **SquidGaurd After Save - After Saving the - It shows target Rules - Allow All
    0_1538559423173_SquidGuard After Saving.png

    SquidGuard Target List - After Saving If I Open
    0_1538559467829_Squidguard Target Category Later.png

    Please guide me to resolve this issue.
    Thanks in advance.

    Lokesh Kamath

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Upgrade your package to the newest version. That was fixed yesterday.

  • @jimp

    Thank you Very Much Jimp.

    I upgraded and now it is working fine.

    Lokesh Kamath

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