DNS Resolver return a wrong answer

  • Hello,

    I use "DNS Resolver" on my pfSense 2.4.3 and I have a problem with a dns query.

    To debug I use the command prompt in pfSense using the DIG command.

    And I have a different DNS response when I add "+trace" in my DIG command.

    When I try "dig routeur.home.domain.com", I have a bad reponse.
    When I try "dig +trace routeur.home.domain.com", the response is correct.

    It's like it's a cache problem. So I tried to restart DNS Resolver, but still the same problem.

    How can I debug this situation? I used + trace to try to understand, but here the answer is correct ...

    thanks :-)

    best regards,

  • I just updated my pfSense in 2.4.4 and it's ok

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