Prioritising Traffic by IP or Group

  • I have created a VM for PF-Sense and am very happy with how stable and well it works. I am battling to finish the last bit of my setup and am hoping someone can help. Currently I have a number of devices that are assigned to a single group to control their behavior in the following sets:

    • Priority Static IP
    • Normal Static IP
    • Media Devices (KODI - Rapberry PI)
    • Seedbox
    • Guest

    I have set these groups up each with different bandwidth limiters:

    100% Down and 100% Up Load Speeds

    • Media Devices
    • Seedbox
    • Priority Static IP

    40% Down and 50% Up Load Speeds

    • Normal Static IP's (each)

    20% Down and 50% Up Load Speeds

    • Guest IP's (each)

    That all works 100%. What I would like to do now, and for the life of me I can't get it right, is to priotise certain groups over others. This is what I am looking for:

    -Media Devices

    • Priority Static
    • Normal Static


    • Guest


    • Seedbox

    Why would you want to do this I hear you ask? Its simple, even though certain groups have less bandwidth available they would be prioritiesd ahead of others. So if my media centers required streaming (max bandwidth) and my network was saturated from the Guest or Seedbox it would receive it. It would also mean that Normal static, even though it has a much lower bandwidth limit would almost always receive all of it.

    I cant seem to wrap my head around this using QOS (by IP or Group). Can anyone help?

  • You can use aliases to act as IP groups. Create a PRIQ-based shaper which is one of the simplest. Create your 3 levels of queue with different priorities and then use floating firewall rules to direct traffic from an alias into the proper queue based on protocol or IP group.

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