Ping spikes, 2.4.4 - XG-1537

  • We see regular spikes in responses when pinging internet (google dns about every 30 seconds), this is when there is next to nothing traffic through the fw. When downloading the response also increases drastically through the entire download. Testing against dslreports indicates bufferbloat problem as well, the speed seems ok.

    When investigating the bufferbloat problem, bufferbloat would occur when the fw are a bottleneck in the network. But the firewall are on 10gig wan and lan nic's, its placed outside our office and our lan are on 1gig gpon, so the natural bottleneck should be the gpon connection, but have testet from a vm from a data center outside our lan, that gives the same results. Overall latency are very low beside these mentioned problems.

    The fw(XG-1537 2.4.4) network settings are pretty much default, but these settings are enabled on the advanced settings:
    enabled PowerD, Highadaptive
    checked, Disable hardware TCP segmentation offload
    checked, Disable hardware large receive offload

    I have noticed that the bloating issues could be fixed by traffic shaping, but why shape a 10gig up/downlink when the lan are 1gig?
    Any suggestions?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You answered your own question. The problem isn't the link speed, it's the buffering, and certain shaping algorithms can help with that.

  • Its a reported bug according to this,

    Is there anything I can do to help resolve this?

  • @svark do you have radvd running on the system? The easiest way to check is from the cli by logging into the console and do a ps.

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