2.4.4 upgrade mostly uneventful

  • Posting this just for reference because so many here seem to have problems.

    Upgraded from the previous current release. 1st attempt, using auto-upgrade feature, said that upgrade was unsuccessful before appearing to even start running. Pressed the upgrade button again and it took off with no issues, quickly completing the upgrade.

    Upon reboot cycle completion and after signon, an error message said something about php problems and directed me to a log print page. That page did not work, I only saw a blank white screen. Everything otherwise appeared to work fine.

    I rebooted, signed in, and saw no error message. The router appears to be working fine, all pc specs look normal, all packages upgraded and appear to be running fine (snort, pfBlockerNG, OpenVPN client download). I will report back if any problems appear, but right now things look fine.

    Using a Shuttle DS68U, 8GB, 120GB SSD. Prior install was from scratch as the DS68U was purchased new a few months ago.

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