Transparent routing

  • Hi every one,

    I have a small problem wha I don´t know how to solve, I got from my ISP a 16 public ip, ex. 88.232.x.x, now I have buyed a full C class 95.55.x.x, now eveything is working the client machine can access the internet and everything, the only problem I have is that when I check the ip on the client machine ( is shows the gateway address not the actually ip that machine have. What I´m doing wrong?

  • Are you using a bridged mode on the pfSense? If you are, make sure you aren't using the pfSense's IP as your default gateway and you are using the router on the other side.

  • No I´m not just plugg in the cable which is coming from the media convertor on the rl0(wan) and from rl1(lan) to switch. Should I use brige mode?

    Thank you for your replay

  • Oh, I think I see what you are doing. What you need to do is setup 1:1 NAT translations for those external addresses to map them to internal addresses. Otherwise, all of the traffic from internal private addresses will just be translated to that WAN interface address.

  • Yes, if you have a full public class C subnet, and all the machines behind your pfsense should have public IPs of this subnet, you have to turn of NAT. Otherwise you will allways "see" from outside only your external gateway IP.

  • True my friend I've se it like that and is working THANK YOU VERY MUCH for oyur help

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