IPSEC Status Uptime - what does this mean ?

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    I want to try and find out what the IPSec Uptime really represents on the Status page for the IPSec VPN's - is it how long it has actually been up or how long since it last reauthorised ?

    If it is related to Reauth does that mean a Reauh takes the VPN down ?


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    Copy answer here from Reddit (where you posted the same question):

    It's the time since the P1 connected or rekeyed/reauthed. IPsec tries to make that as seamless as possible but there could still potentially be a blip when things renegotiate. That's all standard IPsec stuff though, not specific to pfSense. There is plenty of material out there explaining how that whole process works.

    It varies some between different implementations but generally it tries to negotiate a new one while the old one is still active and then switches to that. The settings on either end can change exactly how that's handled though.

  • Thanks for the reply.
    That helps.

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