Multiple different DNS servers

  • Hey guys, trying to setup AirVPN with Pfsense.

    i have multiple networks and vlans at am home. How do i have most of my networks use a particular set of DNS servers (Getflix)? I then want to have just the VPNLAN use AirVPN's DNS, and the kids network using OpenDNS? every computer has static IP's, just confused if it is setup in the DHCP server area or under general setup or on the DNS page itself.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You point yoru clients to whatever dns you want via the static reservations for each client.

  • thanks John. so under my computer that is i can point to getflix DNS. That same computer on the VPN network is, i can put the AIRVPN server there? Will that prevent AIRVPN leaking my DNS? is the DNS settings under general left blank?

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