Can't get squid to uninstall

  • Hi all,

    I was having error messages on squid startup, so I thought I would uninstall and reinstall the package.  During the uninstall, things seemed to hang, and when I tried to get things going again after waiting a long while, the package still was listed as installed, yet seemed to be partially deleted.

    The GUI removal doesn't seem to work any further, and the package still was listed in pkg_info from the terminal, so I tried pkg_delete on that package and it has now been removed from the pkg_info listing, but still is listed in the GUI under installed packages, and so I can't list it on the available packages page.

    I'm looking for advice as to how to proceed.

    Thanks guys… RC1 looks great so far.

    -- Phob

  • Download your config.xml without package information and reupload it again. Might work.

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