AutoConfigBackup not removed from Diagnostic menu after update to 2.4.4

  • Hello,

    After the update from 2.3.x to 2.4.4 i noticed that the menu entry for the AutoConfigBackup in the Diagnostic Menu was not removed.
    The Auto Config Backup now is under Services and works fine.

    But in the Diagnostic menu there is still the entry for the (old) package and not working of course.

    Is there a simple way to remove this entry from the Diagnostic Menu??

    Thank you


  • Developer Netgate

    This was fixed in the most recent snapshot and so will also be in 2.4.4-p1 when the time comes

  • @steve_b
    I had the same problem. Do you have a ballpark time frame for the release of 2.4.4 Patch 1?

    Thankfully, this forum has been helpful in restoring a previous configuration (from gold subscription backup) to get working on 2.4.4.

  • Developer Netgate

    I'll probably release this feature in a snapshot in the next few days. The official -p1 release is harder to pin down since we never know what is going to turn up in testing - Likely weeks rather than months though.

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