Can connect post firewall using DCHP But can't connect pre-firewall to ISP Router using static IP

  • Trying to set up two pfSense firewalls for future deployment and would like to connect them to the Internet to test OpenVPN prior to driving out to the physical locations.

    Both pfSense devices work fine when the WAN is set for DHCP and connected to a switch post the production IPCOP firewall using an LAN IP of But when I connect to a switch that is before the production IPCOP Firewall ( and connect directly to the ISP Router ( I can't ping out to the Internet - even with WAN set to an available Static IP that the ISP gave us of I can ping from another PC on the outside.

    Things I've tried in the WAN config of the pfSense is setting up a Gateway using and also I've created Firewall Rule to open all on the WAN. The inside LAN is fine but I can not ping to even from the pfSense GUI under Diagnostics.

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

  • Netgate Administrator

    It seems like the subnet between your ISP router and IPCop is If you put the pfSense WAN into that subnet it's gateway must be ISP routers internal IP address. So I would expect to see the pfSense WAN set to something like with a gateway of


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